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5PM - 12:30AM (Dinner)


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5PM - 12:30AM (Dinner)


The Fez - Fine Moroccan Dining

"It has always been my goal in this industry to entertain people with foods and wines that are not common to this part of the world. At The Fez, we feature many wines from south Africa and Lebanon which compliment the flavors of the dishes we feature from this part of the world. It is our belief, here at the Fez, that the perfect evening is the ideal marriage of food, wine and song. Our objective is to continue to be one of the best places to eat in Stamford."

Bon Appetit,
Eric Monte

Upcoming Events

  • November 2014 Live Music Calendar

    Nov 2014

    Nov 1st: 50 Shades of Blues

    Nov 2nd: Gadelica

    Nov 5th: Motts Comedy Review

    Nov 6th: Quinn’s Alternative Metal Night

    Nov 7th: Murray the Wheel

    Nov 8th: Harry Ellis and Deep Intentions

    Nov 12th: Wayne Hooper and Josh Sette

    Nov 13th: Dan Stevens

    Nov 14th: Manny and the Mojomatics

    Nov 15th: Ritzy Chickens

    Nov 16th: Irish Session

    Nov 19th: The Dead Duo

    Nov 20th: Long Meadow Bluegrass

    Nov 21st: The Grean

    Nov 22nd: Arpino & JC

    Nov 23rd: New Orleans Beatniks

    Nov 26th: Juicy Grapes

    Nov 28th: Mars Project

    Nov 29th: Ursaland

    Nov 30th: Gadelica